When an Egyptian woman was mocked by male truck drivers for driving a taxi, she brilliantly hit back at them. 


She decided to drive an 18-wheeler truck. 

Om Khalid's story was previously originally posted in an AJ+ Arabic video, but resurfaced earlier this week when Facebook page, Women of Egypt, shared it. 

In the video, the inspiring woman spoke of the moment she overheard two truck drivers mocking her back when she was a taxi driver. 

"One of them told the other, look, a woman taxi driver, and he responded... she's a woman, it's enough for her," she said. 

"That's when I thought to myself, so what? What is he driving, a truck? I can and will do that too," she added. 

Om Khalid then signed up for classes at Egypt's transport authority. After months of hard work, she aced all her exams and graduated top of her class. 

Today, she is considered one of the few female truck drivers in the country. 

"A home is a woman's kingdom, today, the work I do is my kingdom"

Several media outlets also picked up on Om Khalid's story

People love her

"You're such a beautiful woman, may God Bless you." 

"I am so proud of you, the most courageous Egyptian woman"


"You reflect the strength of Egyptian women"

Watch Om Khalid's story here: