An Egyptian woman is divorcing her husband over his obsession with Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe, Masrawy reported

According to the local news site, the woman, identified as Mariam S., took her case to court after months of trying to make her marriage work. 

Speaking to Masrawy, the 26-year-old engineer said her husband, Ahmad S., was so obsessed with the singer that his behavior was no longer tolerable for her. 

"I married Ahmad just a year ago, he's my brother's friend. During our engagement, he did mention that he admired Haifa Wehbe and I simply thought he was an ordinary fan of her," she said

"But after we got married, I was shocked to learn that he was actually obsessed with the star. He spent all his time watching her series, interviews, and films. He even had her photo as a wallpaper on his phone," she added

"I divorced him after he asked me to have plastic surgery to look like Haifa"

When the newlywed told her parents about her husband's bizarre behavior, they told her not to exaggerate the problem and accused her of just being jealous. 

"No one cared for what I was going through or how I was feeling," she said. 

The young woman went on to share shocking details in the divorce case, stating that her husband forced her to have an abortion when the couple was told they were having a boy because he wanted to name his first child: Haifa.

After being pressured into staying in the marriage for months, the wife finally decided to leave her husband when he asked her to have plastic surgery to look like the star. 

"When he told me, he'll only love and take care of me if I had plastic surgery to look exactly like Wehbe and even tried to pressure me to go under the knife, I just couldn't take it. I decided to divorce him," she explained.  

The bizarre divorce case is making the rounds online

Many completely support the wife's decision

"You sure do have all the right to ask for a divorce."  

"He's a regressive human being"

"This man must be seen by a psychiatrist"

Some people just couldn't even with the news

"Who does he think he is? Wael Kfoury?"