Just a few days after Cairo's Court of Urgent Matters declared all groupings of hard-core football fans, or Ultras, terrorist groups, the Ultras White Knights who cheer for the Zamalek Sporting Club football team released a song mourning all those who lost their lives in the stampede t hat took place at the Air Defense Stadium on Feb. 8.

The song, entitled "Open Up, We're Dying," retells the unfolding of events that took place outside the stadium where the football fans were trapped in a wired passageway while teargas chocked those who couldn't escape the crowds and stampede.

Besides mourning the lost souls and promising to immortalize their memory, the song clearly sends out a message that says, "You secure your stadium with the terrorizing weapons, but don't forget that we're the Ultras. Your state of suppression will not do you good."

The Ultras, regardless of which club they belong to, have gained a lot of popularity for their cohesive structures and well organized movements. Known for their spirited chants, the Ultras started playing a bigger role outside the stadiums in 2011 during the 18 days of sit-ins that lead to the ousting of former President Hosny Mubarak. They continued their active participation on the political scene during the protests and marches that followed in the years since.

Despite their saluted participation, a court ruling was issued earlier this week banning all Ultras groups in Egypt for being involved in acts of violence. The ruling was issued after the chairman of Zamalek Sporting Club filed a lawsuit against the Ultras White Knights alleging that they had attempted killing him.