The internationally acclaimed Egyptian trance music duo Aly & Fila will be stopping by Cairo on Sept. 11 during their world tour to play their first-ever live show in their hometown's world-famous landmark.

The “Future Sound of Egypt 400” event, named as the duo will play the 400th edition of their popular radio show "Future Sound of Egypt," will be held at the sound and light venue in the ancient Pyramids of Giza.

The event, organized by Events Plus and sponsored by Pepsi, will feature an impressive lineup of local and international talents, including international trance music vocalists Chris Jones and Susana and Egyptian artists Mohamed Ragab, Amir Sharara and Fady & Mina .

Although Aly & Fila, who are widely considered pioneers of electronic music in Egypt, have achieved international success and recognition on a wide scale, they have always been keen on showing off their Egyptian roots.

Their brand's logo combines English with Arabic calligraphy, they include ancient Egyptian symbols in their album art and productions and they shoot many of their music videos in Egypt. This will be their first time hosting an event at the prominent landmark, a dream they said they've had since the beginning of their career.

"Since we started our Aly & Fila Project and Future Sound of Egypt as a brand, we had a dream to host our own event at this very special landmark which as proud Egyptians as we are," the duo wrote on their official website.

"We are proud to say this landmark is in our country, the Great Pyramids of Giza. It took us many years and hard work to achieve this one, but yes dreams do come true. Don’t miss this event, it will be a very special one."

Despite the fact that the Egyptian duo started experimenting with electronic music in Egypt in the late 90s, they established themselves on the international scene from the start, as their career kicked off when they signed with German record label Euphoric Records in 2002.

Their first released song "Eye of Horus" received wide-scale airplay from trance music stars Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren and Paul Van Dyk, it also reached No. 4 on the Dutch charts. The duo later played alongside Buuren on his radio show "A State of Trance."

They went on to host their successful Internet radio show "Future Sound of Egypt," which reportedly has 4 million listeners every week, and open their own record label bearing the same name.

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