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On Sunday, the end of the first day of final exams for students in Kuwait ended on a tragic note when an Egyptian student was run down outside her exam hall.

According to Al Rai newspaper, Shahd Mahmoud had just sat one of her exams in a school located in Salmiya and was on her way home when she was hit by a speeding car.

Even though paramedics were quick to arrive at the scene of the accident, the 13-year-old was sadly pronounced dead shortly after.

Police officers have since detained the driver of the car and will investigate the incident further.

Kuwait's Minister of Education sent out his condolences

Mahmoud's teachers and fellow students were left shocked and inconsolable after her untimely death. 

The incident also sent shockwaves across Kuwaiti social media, with many mourning the loss online.

In a press conference he held to discuss final exams earlier this week, Kuwait's Minister of Education Dr. Hamed Al Azemi sent his condolences to Mahmoud's family and friends. 

Many are understandably upset over the news

"May she rest in peace and may God grant her parents patience. We said it before but people just don't want to understand. The ministry must provide buses to drive students of all ages back to their homes after school. There should also be a secure place where they could wait for pick ups." 

"We're fed up of talking about reckless driving"

"May God have mercy on her soul and give her parents patience. Honestly, people here speed even when they're not on highways, it's terrifying. We're fed up of talking about reckless driving. Those who drive responsibly look weird between all the speeding vehicles." 

Many are shocked by the tragic accident...

Everyone is praying for the young girl to rest in peace

"May God have mercy on her soul." 

This month saw similar accidents reported in countries other than Kuwait...

Just last week, a similar tragic accident took the life of 9-year-old Radhi Al Shemmari who was run over by a car outside his school in the Ihsa'a governorate of Saudi Arabia. 

Earlier in the same week, another horrific run down took the life of Saudi third grader, Rawan Al Rashid, who died after her school bus run her over outside her house in Barida.