Several prominent Egyptian actors, actresses, artists and athletes have joined forces to advocate for children's rights in Egypt as part of UNICEF 's latest global initiative Fight Unfair .

The lineup includes actor Ahmed Helmy, actress Mona Zaki, mountaineer Omar Samra, musician Aida El-Aiouby, radio host Zahra Ramy, actress Jamila Adel Awad, former footballer Mahmoud El-Khateeb, swimmer Mohamed Seliem and Squash player Mohamed El-Shorbagy .

In cooperation with UNICEF Egypt, the stars are using their social media platforms for the #FightUnfair campaign to highlight children's rights and the challenges that face their advancement in Egypt.

"Hitting children, insulting them, hurting them in any way is the worst way to make them understand that they have made a mistake."

The campaign encourages people to share "unfair facts" on social media to raise awareness about the unfair realities of children around the world in statistics, in hope of inspiring action.

It was initially launched worldwide by various celebrities including UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors Orlando Bloom, Liam Neeson, Shakira and Ricky Martin.

The campaign was launched in response to the recent release of a UNICEF report titled "For every child, a fair chance: The promise of equity," which presented statistics reflecting how the world’s most marginalized children have coped regarding the basic human development indicators.

"The child you see working in a workshop earns money, yes, but they lose their childhood."

The report concluded that the world is still a "deeply unfair place for the poorest and most disadvantaged children despite major advances since the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989," according to a UNICEF press release .

The "unfair facts" shared by the campaign's Egyptian participants addressed a variety of challenges that face children in Egypt and the Arab World including child labor, disease and psychological and physical aggression.

Among the statistics shared are that 91% of Egypt's children aged 1-14 have experienced psychological aggression while being disciplined by family members and that children aged 5-17 from the poorest households in Egypt are nearly nine times as likely to be involved in child labor as those from the wealthiest households.