An Egyptian court sentenced singer Sherine Abdel-Wahab to six months in jail over a joke deemed insulting to Egypt, Al Ahram Online reported

According to the local publication, the star was ordered to pay EGP 5,000 ($283) bail in order to stay out of jail until the appeal process is complete. She was also fined an additional amount of EGP 10,000 ($566.)

The sentence comes weeks after a video of the singer jokingly telling a fan that drinking water from the Nile might make them ill went viral on social media, sparking outrage in Egypt. 

In the footage, which dates back to 2016, a fan is heard asking Abdel-Wahab to sing her popular song "Mashrebtesh min Nelha" (Have you ever drank the water of the Nile). 

She then responds saying: "I would catch Bilharzia ... better drink Evian instead."

Even though the singer issued an official apology at the time of the incident, she was still temporarily banned from performing in Egypt and legal action against her moved forward. 

The news of the jail sentence is going viral online

And making international headlines

"The decision to jail Sherine over a joke is making international headlines now." 

It's also drawing major backlash

People are outraged

"No lawyer can file a case against her, until they personally go and drink unfiltered Nile water"

Many are pointing out the irony behind the sentence

"Egypt's government doesn't acknowledge a problem, but jails those who point it out"

"I would've been surprised if Sherine wasn't sentenced to jail over this. If there's something positive about her, it's that she used her fame to point out the catastrophic rates of pollution in the Nile. The government should try to solve this problem rather than jail the singer."

The star's fans are heartbroken

"Will the Nile become cleaner if they imprison Sherine?"

Even though many are attacking the decision, some are all for it...

"She insulted and mocked her country in a foreign place, that is not acceptable. Her comment wasn't meant to bring attention to the issue, she just wanted to make fun of it."