A video of an Egyptian policeman saving a child who fell from a third floor balcony went completely viral online early on Monday. 

The incident reportedly took place in Egypt's Asiout on Saturday, and continues to make the rounds on social media.

In the now-viral CCTV footage capturing the ordeal, three policemen can be seen standing in a busy street when they notice a child dangling from a balcony. 

They are then seen frantically trying to hold up a carpet so that he'd land on it.

Even though the child fell before they could get anything put together, one policeman managed to miraculously catch him. 

According to news reports, the policeman sustained an injury during the incident and had to be hospitalized. However, the child needed no medical care and is now said to be back home. 

The epic rescue is taking social media by storm

People are hailing the policeman and calling on authorities to honor him

"He should receive an award from Egypt's Ministry of Interior for saving this child's life." 


"When a person saves one soul, it is as if they saved all humanity"

"He's a hero"

Watch the full video below: