Earlier this week, a 17-year-old Egyptian teen was found and rescued after having been locked in a dark room for 10 years by his own mother, Sky News reported

Identified as Mohammed Rajab Al Gharbawi, the victim was discovered by people who heard noises coming from a tiny deserted house located in Al Sajeen village - which, ironically, translates to "the prisoner" in English. 

Villagers then contacted local organization Children Without Shelter, who swiftly arrived at the scene and alerted authorities about the situation. 

The teen was evacuated from the house by police officers and was immediately transferred to a hospital for medical evaluation. 

Officials launched an investigation into the case soon after. Initial interrogations revealed the young boy was locked away by his mother ever since his father died. He was just 7-years-old at the time.

Police sources have since deemed the mother mentally unstable. She told officers she locked her son because she didn't want his father's relatives to see him. 

Speaking to local news outlets, the boy's uncle said several relatives had previously tried to intervene in order to save him but were shut out by his mom, who refused to let him go. 

Many people couldn't understand how this took place for that long

"He was locked up for 10 years!!!??? Where were people and his neighbors? Is it possible no one suspected this mother when she repeatedly visited this place? Didn't anyone hear his voice?"

"Everyone who knew about this and didn't report his mother must be punished, too"

According to Sky News, the mother revealed to Egyptian media that her son was sexually assaulted by a group of men a long time ago, which had worsened her concerns. 

He was bullied by the kids of his village, who used to throw stones at him, as well as beaten by a man he used to work with on construction sites. This all pushed the teen to prefer being alone, which had his mother believing he needs protection.

She also emphasized on how much she took care of him, bringing him meals and never neglecting him. 

Both the son and mother will undergo treatment. In the time being, she is on release until prosecution officials are able to evaluate the traumatized victim.