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In a horrific "honor" killing that sent shockwaves through Egypt earlier this week, a father murdered his own daughter because she allegedly cheated on her husband, Youm 7 reported

The murder took place in the country's Kafar Al Sheikh region and saw the man stab his 31-year-old daughter to death in the middle of a crowded street outside her place of work. 

According to news reports, the woman's husband had recently divorced her after discovering she was having an affair. When her father heard of her separation, he decided to end his daughter's life.

The murderer has now been arrested

Local authorities immediately arrested the defendant in the case and referred him to public prosecution. 

During initial investigations, the man confessed to committing the murder, explaining he did it because his daughter's actions had "defamed the family".

Honor killings are still a major issue in the Arab world

honor killing

Honor killings, or crimes committed against women who are "seen as having transgressed social codes of honor", are still a major problem in several Arab countries, including Egypt, Jordan, and Syria

While many of these crimes go unreported because they're often committed by a close relative of the victim, some of them get widespread media attention. 

Recent cases of honor killings that shook the Arab world include one of a man who murdered his wife in Jordan because she "ran away from their marital home". Another shocking case reported earlier this year saw a Syrian man based in Germany live stream his wife's murder on Facebook. 

While several Arab countries have taken legislative action in a bid to end the barbaric practice, there's much more to be done in societies where many continue to justify violence against women. 

Women's rights activists in the region have also recently noted that there are several legal loopholes still available to those who commit honor crimes.