A video of an Egyptian man's family criticizing him for leaving them behind as he fled their home during an earthquake tremor that hit Kuwait earlier this week, is going viral on social media. 

In the footage, the man's family, including his wife, can be heard scolding him for leaving them behind. 

"There was an earthquake, you could have told us to run out of the house with you," a family member is heard saying. 

When the man said he did call on the family to leave the house as he ran out, his wife responded: 

"You told us to run where? You left us all inside and ran out all by yourself."  

After it went viral on social media, the video sent people into a hilarious meltdown of the sorts. 

"You ran for your life and left us behind"

Some people just couldn't even...

"We're all so brave"

"He tried to make this look good, it didn't work"

"To redeem himself, he told them another earthquake was coming"

"This family is super funny"

Not everyone took the matter lightly though

"Is this even possible? Would anyone leave their family and just run for their own lives. What a shame."  

"Don't blame him, it was a matter of life and death"

"I would've done the same thing"

"He isn't selfish, this is a true reflection of human nature"

"When a dangerous situation is sudden, even a mother would escape without her children."