Amr Eid, a young talented graphic designer from Egypt, decided to start a new project that moves worldwide landmarks to Egypt. The project called "What If" is mesmerizing and leaves you with a sense of wonder.

The projects delves into the country's history and explores the idea of change. For instance, what would happen if Egypt accepted the Statue of Liberty that was created for the old Suez Canal? It explored the endless possibilities and situations that could have occurred if different decisions were made.

The What If project is also asking a very valid question: why is it the Egyptian monuments are not well preserved. Speaking with Al Arabiya news, Amr said that the reason why he initiated this project was because the lack of maintenance done on historic Egyptian landmarks. “It all started when I saw the Baron Palace in a damaged condition and the sight of it made me wonder how Egypt’s landmarks could look, and how eye-catching they could be, if only they are properly maintained” he explained.

"What If" is currently receiving a lot of positive feedback from Egyptians and people around the world as it is simply appreciating the beauty of architecture and it celebrates both the diversity of the world and its history.