The Egyptian government has established a national council to battle climate change . Directed by the environment minister, the council will work to adapt to the effects of climate change and effectively deal with its hazardous effects on the environment, Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb was quoted as saying by Daily News Egypt.

"The council will be in charge of working on drafting and updating an extensive strategy on a national level. They will also settle national plans related to climate change and provide them with a sustainable development strategy," the cabinet said in an official statement.

The cabinet spokesperson, Hossam El Kawish, said that the council would collect studies and research related to climate change as well as implementing projects that target emissions reduction. He also said that one of the many tasks that the council would have to fulfill was solving any issue that may slow down collecting, managing, and processing climate change data.

The council will provide recommendations to decisionmakers, in return for the approval of all projects presented to be funded by the Green Climate Fund. The Africa Green Fund is a project that was started by the African Development Bank to battle climate change in Africa. It aims to help the continent to obtain financial resources to address the issue.

"The council is responsible for suggesting, following up on and gradually increasing financial annual allocations in the general budget of the state inside each ministry concerned with the effects of climate change," Kawish said, according to Daily News Egypt .