A member of Egypt's national football team will be excluded from the African Cup of Nations after a number of sexual allegations against him surfaced this week.

Egyptian footballer Amr Warda will not be participating in Egypt's remaining matches at the AFCON 2019 starting Wednesday, to "ensure discipline and focus" within the team, Al Araby reported

His barring comes a few hours ahead of the national team's second game against DR Congo. 

The media officer of the Pharaohs, Ihab Lehita, said they've consulted with "the technical and administrative staff of the team" to come up with the decision.

This wouldn't be the first time Warda faces such consequences for his vile actions. In 2017, he was reportedly kicked off the Greek team PAOK over accusations that claimed the footballer sexually harassed the wives of his teammates. 

Warda isn't the first Egyptian player to be kicked off during the tournament, as the first Egyptian player was Ibrahim Said, who was excluded in 2000 by then-coach  Mahmoud El Gohary. 

This year's AFCON  is considered the "biggest Africa Cup of Nations ever with 24 teams."

It all started when Instagrammer Merhan Keller shared screenshots of conversations she had with the 25-year-old footballer. The sexual advances, the pushy attitude, and the aggressive language are but a few of the revolting attributes present in the texts Warda sent Keller. 

As Keller explains in an Instagram Story, Warda is known for using a specific tactic to pressure women into seeing him. He does so by saying he's in a particular country - Egypt, in Keller's case - for one day.

"You are stupid girl [sic]"

Following the accusations, the model got called out by people who fail to acknowledge what sexual harassment entails. These very same people began claiming the model's posts were "fake." Keller refused to let those claims take over, so she shared a screenshot of Warda's WhatsApp Profile to prove that the footballer had been contacting her from Greece. (P.S. the country's area code is +30.)

The footballer plays for the Atromitos F.C., a football club based in Athens. Soon after, other women began speaking out against the footballer, accusing him of similar actions. 

"He asked a girl whether she was a virgin or not like???"

One Twitter user @cryindivaa has been documenting those accusations in a lengthy thread on the micro-blogging platform. 

Many women have been sending their personal encounters with Warda to the user. His conversations with the women are similar in many ways. His vile language is evident in all the screenshots shared online. 

Following the ongoing scandal, Warda has shut down his Instagram account, where he formally had 2 million followers.