An unnamed father has been arrested and detained for the murder of his son in Al Saf County on the outskirts of Giza governorate, according to Akhbarak . On Monday, Judge Mohammed Abou Zeinah ordered the suspect to remain in detention for four days pending an investigation.

The father reportedly murdered his son in cold blood because he caught him breaking fast prior to the Maghrib prayers. The public prosecution ordered that normal burial procedures should be done after a full autopsy is conducted to determine the exact cause of death.

The accused told the court's investigator, Karim Zakaria, that he was "fed up" with his son's misbehavior and conduct. He also stated that his son lacked the "sense of responsibility" and was dependent on drugs and narcotics.

The father went to explain the circumstances surrounding his son's untimely death and said that after witnessing his son doing drugs during fasting times, he lost control and started to relentlessly punch him. He then locked his son in a small room with little to no ventilation, depriving him of food and water.

Soon afterwards, his son lost consciousness and was sent to the hospital where he died immediately upon arrival.