Ismail Mohamed, a vocal atheist with a YouTube channel called Black Ducks, is trying to turn Middle Easterners into atheists. The 30-year-old abandoned the religion of Islam three years ago and has since been hosting numerous atheists on his show to discuss why they left their religions.

In a country where there's a huge crackdown on atheists, Mohamed remains unafraid in his Cairo apartment.

“I know it is very dangerous. I am not afraid of the government. The biggest danger comes from the society. Sometimes I face problems on the street. Some people hit me in the street when they recognize me from the show,” he told The Daily Beast.

In his show, Mohammed does not insult any religion. Instead, he focuses on critical thinking, free thought, free speech and debates about all religions and says that science presents facts while religion leaves a lot of unanswered questions and stories that cannot be determined to be true.

Here's his latest episode: