Having long been dubbed "The Nefertiti of Egyptian Cinema," Egyptian actress Sawsan Badr's most recent photoshoot proves she has rightfully earned that title. 

The 61-year-old actress posed for a Harper's Bazaar Arabia editorial themed, rather fittingly, "A Night at the Museum." The photoshoot captured Badr with Ancient Egyptian artifacts, highlighting the uncanny similarities she shares with ancient Egyptian goddesses. 

Featured in the magazine's Sept. 2019 edition, the editorial includes an interview in which Badr talked about defying beauty norms and shared her experience with aging while under the spotlight. 

Born in Cairo, Badr graduated from the High Institute of Theatrical Arts and went on to star in a number of film, theater, and television productions. 

Inspired by her striking resemblance to the Ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti, Harper's Bazaar Arabia captured Badr at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The actress flaunted outfits by Egyptian designer Mohanad Kojak's fashion label, Kojak Studio, and topped off her looks with her ever-graceful grey hair.

In the interview, the award-winning actress revealed she had stopped dyeing her hair for her role in the film Welad Rizk 2, and decided to keep it natural for good. "It had been on my mind for years. When I had to go grey for this role, people just went crazy, so I decided to keep it," she said.

Badr admitted she had struggled with the pressure of adhering to conventional beauty standards when she launched her acting career, which has inspired her to challenge the status quo and raise awareness on the matter. She noted that the industry often portrays young women in a shallow lens, showcasing them as "an accessory in film… something pretty to look at."

"Arabs are finally starting to admire their own skin shades, and for me to be part of that awareness is something I cherish," she explained. "I wish for all the little girls growing up now to live in a society where beauty standards are more inclusive, and for every woman to be celebrated no matter what her age or skin colour is."

Badr's photoshoot was met with plenty of positive feedback on social media, with many users complimenting her looks and praising her for embracing her grey hair:

Fans are in love

Move over, Nefertiti

Challenging stereotypes like it's nobody's business

Straight out of the museum

"You are indeed a museum fugitive."


Powerful on so many levels

"This screams power"


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