Egypt has been getting global attention the past few days, but not for good reason.

Both Egyptian state TV and Gold's Gym  have been under the spotlight for scandalous body-shaming incidents.

Gold's Gym franchise in Egypt came under fire after a making a post to Facebook featuring a pear-shaped image with text that read "this is no shape for a girl."

Following the uproar on social media, Gold's Gym Dreamland issued an apology stating that the post "was not meant to offend anyone." But it fell on deaf ears.

The gym's headquarters in the U.S. also issued an apology on behalf of the franchise in an attempt to disassociate themselves with the incident.

As did Gold's Gym Egypt's main Facebook page

The Egyptian franchise's Facebook page has been taken down, and the gym has moved to terminate the agreement with the sub-franchise.

Many used this as an opportunity to point out that athleticism and beauty knows no shape or size.

Even actress, Abigail Breslin shared her thoughts on the issue with a post on Instagram, calling it disgusting.

However, this was not the only body-shaming incident to take place in the country recently.

Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU), the state's TV broadcaster, recently suspended eight female TV presenters over their body-image.

The director of the state-run broadcaster, Safaa Hegazy, also a woman, advised the anchors to go on a "diet" as they would only be allowed back on air with an "appropriate appearance," according to the BBC .

The Women's Center for Guidance and Legal Awareness, a women's rights activist group, called on ERTU to apologize and backtrack the decision. The group said the TV anchors' suspension "violates the constitution."

However, the ERTU said the decision would not be reversed, according to The Independent . The TV also claimed that the women would get "paid leave" while on suspension.