News of a neuropsychiatrist's suspected suicide has sent shockwaves through the Egyptian community.

Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Nasra reportedly took his own life on Wednesday after struggling with depression, according to AJ+.

However, some friends of the deceased have refuted the cause of death, citing a report ruling it as an accident.

Nasra, a 33-year-old neuropsychiatry resident at Damanhour Medical National Institute, reportedly jumped from the 10th floor of the building he lived in, according to Al Arabiya.

Conversely, according to a report by the Public Prosecution shared on Nasra's Facebook account, the incident has been deemed as an accident caused by his loss of balance while fixing a satellite dish.

Nasra's social media posts reflected a troubled mental state

"Question of the era: How to kill myself without breaking my mom's heart?" Source: AJ+

Citing Nasra's friends, AJ+ reported that he was suffering from mental illness for over one year prior to his death.

Media outlets have pointed out that Nasra had shared multiple social media posts reflecting his troubled mental state. 

In a post shared on a Facebook group in 2017 and has apparently been deleted, Nasra wrote about struggling with "resistant severe crippling depression" despite resorting to medication and therapy.

In one of his last posts on Facebook, Nasra wrote, "Give me the strength to go on." It also appears to have been deleted.

Here's how social media users reacted to the news:

Some are denying it was a suicide

"All this information is false. You should respect the deceased and his family, whom you are killing with this talk. You should be praying for him instead of claiming he killed himself."

People are claiming suicide is the result of lacking faith

"God is our savior. This is due to the lack of faith in God. Anyways, God give his parents patience."

Others were quick to respond with educated answers

"Those who are saying that depressed people don't have faith have not struggled depression and mental illness themselves. They don't know what it's like to struggle internally and lose your passion for life. Depression is a disease that needs to be cured and requires a society that treats it like any other disease, rather than pinning it on lack of faith. Being close to God makes us feel safe and at peace, but it does not cure depression."

"He's human before being a doctor"

"May he rest in peace. Before being a doctor, he is a human with problems. Even psychologists regularly undergo therapy. It's not an easy task to handle patients' problems and confessions, as every patient is a puzzle that needs to be solved."

Many are criticizing those deleting Nasra's old posts and denying the suicide

"His profile is part of his legacy"

"I don't know who is controlling his account now, but his profile is part of his legacy. His posts had a positive effect on many people. At least leave something pleasant to remember him with."

"Society is part of the problem"

"Did you see the post where he asked about killing himself without hurting his mother's feelings? Can you believe that only two of his friends commented on the post, and one of them said, 'Yes, that is the problem.' I find it shocking how the posts on his page went unnoticed by his friends. This is his fate, but society is part of the problem."