The Egyptian Company for Metro Management and Operation closed Cairo's Sadat metro station on Tuesday morning.

Company CEO Khaled Sabra said in a statement Monday night that the station would be closed for an indefinite period of time due to security reasons, according to Ahram Online .

Although other details about the closure were not made clear, it is speculated that the decision was taken to maintain security and safety after Monday's attack on Egypt's top prosecutor general. The decision came less than two weeks after the metro station was opened on June 17 following a nearly two-year closure.

After the station was closed in 2013 for security measures, its reopening on the eve of Ramadan was met with joy and relief from Cairo's 3.5 million daily metro passengers. The station, which lies under Cairo's Tahrir Square and is one of the largest in the city, is considered a vital lifeline for the crowded city's metro passengers.

The significance of the station to Cairo's metro transportation system stems from the fact that it is one of only two metro stations in Cairo where passengers can change lines, the other being Al-Shohada metro station beneath Ramses Square.

The station's two-year closure put all the pressure on Al-Shohada, which quickly became the most overcrowded metro station in the capital. It also added extra money and time to the passengers' daily commute.

Transport Minister Hani Dahi had said that the long-awaited reopening was timed to alleviate the increased traffic congestion known to accompany Ramadan in Cairo.

"I am so happy [with the reopening] that I wanted to go kiss the walls of the station," 20-year-old university student Omneya told Ahram Online in mid-June, just like thousands of other passengers who were elated at the station's reopening but now face another indefinite closure.