Egypt increased fuel prices by up to fifty percent on Thursday, Reuters reported. 

The move is said to help the country meet the terms of a $12 billion International Monetary Fund (IMF)  loan deal

This is the second rise in fuel prices since Egypt's government floated the pound back in November and comes amid the country's ongoing economic crisis. 

While the hike had been anticipated as part of the IMF deal, not everyone foresaw the shocking rate at which prices increased. 

Naturally, after the news began circulating on social media, thousands of Egyptians took to the platforms, hilariously venting their frustration via the hashtag: #البنزين (Fuel)

Many are looking for ways to make fuel at home

Homemade fuel recipes are already circulating on Twitter

A fuel loan anyone?

Some are changing their life plans

"Just when I was thinking of taking driving lessons."

Others are turning to this

Thousands are sharing hilarious memes

So many memes

They're literally endless

Carpooling is not even an option anymore

"I guess this is the end of it all"