Dar al-Ifta, one of the pillars of Islamic religious foundations in Egypt, has a problem with Donald Trump, a U.S presidential candidate, due to his Islamophobic views that became public during his presidential campaign. In his latest remarks, which came after the deadly shooting and terror attacks in California, Trump called for the "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S."

In a statement made Tuesday, Dar Al-Iftah strongly condemned the remarks made by Trump and regarded them as "Islamophobic rhetoric."

"Presidential candidate Donald Trump calls for the banning of entry to the United States to all Muslims."

"Such hostile attitude towards Islam and Muslims will increase tensions within the American society which represents 8 million peaceful and loyal American citizens," the institution said in a press release. "Trump's hate rhetoric which describes Muslims as a threat to the American community is totally erroneous since Islam exhorts peace and coexistence among all humans."

The statement also reads that "it is unfair to blame all Muslims for the actions of a minority that manipulates the fundamentals of the religion.

Dar Al-Iftah is calling upon all Americans to not to "heed to such Islamophobic rhetoric" that will ultimately result in "conflict among the citizens and stir hatred that threatens societal peace in the United States."

"Islamohphobic remarks also paves the way for all extremists to achieve their horrendous criminal goals," Dar Al-Iftah stressed.