Before even hitting theaters in Egypt, 'Bashtery Ragel' (Buying a Man) has already become controversial.

The film revolves around a 35 year old 'Sherihan Nour el-Deen,'  a woman who loses hope in finding the love of her life, refuses to conform to social norms that force women to marry for reasons other than love and resorts to the idea of 'buying' sperm from a sperm donor to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother.

'Bashtery Ragel' stars Nelly Karim and Mohammed Mamdouh, and is directed by Mohammed Aly.

Before its release, producer Dina Harb and her marketing team sparked controversy by promoting the film through releasing a YouTube video of a woman searching for a sperm donor.

Two days after the video's release it was revealed that it had been part of 'Bashtery Ragels' marketing campaign.

The video caused outrage at the time of its release and the page that had shared it on Facebook was eventually taken down.

Numerous media outlets and Television programs in Egypt discussed the controversy.

Lamis Al Hadidi's program on Egypt's CBC, hosted journalist Ibrahim Al Jarehi and writer Afaf Al Sayed who vehemently attacked the video, while politician Amira Al Adely defended it and said that freedom of speech is every artist and filmmakers' right.

Following the controversy the film hit theaters on February 14th and has since become a huge box office success in Egypt.

"The message of the film had to be shocking, whoever wants change should not bury their heads in the sand or fear the reactions of others," the films' screenwriter Inas Lotfy told Al Monitor.

"We expected this [reaction] when the advertisement premiered of the woman seeking to buy donor sperm. However, art has to be shocking if it aims to reform and raise awareness," added the films' director Mohammed Aly

The film continues to top Egypt's box office and has opened up discussion on the issue of women marrying for the sake of becoming a parent or to avoid the social stigma that comes with being an unmarried woman in Egypt. 

The film has also caused controversy on social media and of course people had a lot to say on twitter. 

Some praised the film

"'Bashteri Ragel' is a lovely film and Mohammad Mamdouh is a true revelation"

Others appreciated it but labelled it provocative

""Bashtery Ragel' is a good film, different in its depiction of characters and settings but to discuss its idea on the basis of it possibly becoming a reality... that is not acceptable" 

And a few reacted hilariously

"Buying a man - that's got to be the biggest lie that every father uses'"

"Men are not for sale" 

Watch the trailer here