In a bid to boost the country's tourism sector, Egypt has invited Salma Hayek for a visit. 

In a statement he made on live television, Walid Al Batouti, advisor to Egypt's Minister of Tourism, explained that negotiations for the trip are already underway. 

"A young Egyptian female engineer started this initiative and is planning a huge event set to be attended by stars from all over the world," he said. 

When the show's presenter asked Al Batouti for more exclusive details, he responded saying: 

"Among many others, Salma Hayek is one of the celebrities who has already been invited for a visit. Officials are currently negotiating the trip's details with her management team."

While a few people seem rather unhappy with the news

"So are the tourists going to visit archaeological sites or are they going to come because Hayek visited? If they're coming just because she is, why don't they go visit her country instead?"

Others are quite ecstatic

"Salma Hayek is visiting Egypt everyone!"

"Ya hala, ya hala"

"Masr 7atnawar wallahi"

This is the most important thing today...

"The most important thing is that Salma Hayek is visiting to Egypt."

"Ya farag Allah"

Tell Shakira to come with you...

"Don't forget to invite Shakira to come visit with you."

And... Welcome to Egypt

If Hayek visits... she won't be the first international star to have made the trip

Yep, earlier this year, the Prince of Bel Air visited the pyramids, posed with the Sphinx of Giza, and, of course, sent Twitter into a complete meltdown

Messi did too

Argentinean football star Lionel Messi visited Egypt earlier this year to participate in a charity event, “tour ‘n cure," which aimed to benefit patients suffering from Hepatitis C. 

His visit was widely covered by the country's media and it naturally made the rounds online. 

During his trip, Messi was given a tour of Egypt's iconic Pyramids and the country's veteran archaeologist and former Minister of Antiquities Dr. Zahi Hawwas labeled the visit as "the most important in the history of the pyramids."

Obama visited in 2009

Sean Penn made the trip too

So did Morgan Freeman, Amitabh Bachan, and Yanni

The late Princess Diana visited in 1992