Egypt is cracking down on public urination by installing CCTV cameras across busy roads and alleyways, Youm 7 reported.

Last week, signs warning people that cameras have been installed to capture people urinating in public, were spotted across a New Cairo road. 

In a statement on the matter, the area's governor, Ibrahim Saber, said the move aims to end the unhygienic practice and is the result of the collaboration between several NGO's, activists, and legislators. 

Speaking to Youm 7, Saber explained that anyone caught peeing in public will face legal consequences. 

Urinating in public can land Egyptians in jail

According to Youm 7, Egypt's government will start charging those found urinating in public with "committing an indecent act". 

The charge comes under article 278 of Egypt's law book, which states that anyone committing acts deemed obscene to society in public can be persecuted. The legislation carries a punishment of up to six months in jail, in addition to hefty fines

The news continues to make the rounds online

Some people are all for the latest announcements

"This is disgusting behavior that must be stopped, there's no place for it in Egypt's streets."  

Others just can't even handle the news...

Many are reacting with humor

"They'll film you then upload the footage to Youtube." 

"You think this will stop people from urinating in public?"

"I'd be in on this if there were clean public bathrooms for people to use"

"When are we going to stop regressing"

"Instead of building public toilets we hang signs banning people from peeing in the street. Who's the genius behind this idea?"

Punishing people is not the solution here...

"When will we stop imposing punishments on people without offering them humane options and solutions? Selling products on pavements is banned... but there's no other space available to people! We ban everyone from urinating in public without providing them with toilets!!!"