Egyptian authorities detained and deported popular TV host Liliane Daoud late Monday evening, hours after ONTV ended her contract, as reported by the Associated Press .

Daoud, a former BBC reporter, was known for criticizing the Egyptian government in her show "Al Soura Al Kamila" (The Full Picture), which broadcasted on the private Egyptian network ONTV the past five years.

The renewal of Daoud's work visa had been withheld for the last four months, according to Zyad El-Elaimy, Daoud's lawyer. Prior to her arrest, Daoud announced the end of her contract on Twitter.

"I officially announce the end of my contract with Egypt’s ONTV after five years [of a journey] that began in June 2011."

Elaimy also added that eight men who claimed to be from the Passport Department were responsible for the arrest. The lawyer posted Monday night that Daoud is OK and had been put on a plane to Lebanon. He later posted a comment from Daoud herself.

"Liliane's first comment upon arrival to Beirut: We need to take all measures to bring me back to my country." 

Since the arrest happened Monday night, many have taken to social media to express their frustration over the continuous crackdown on TV hosts and citizens in general who have spoken out against the Egyptian government.

"Liliane Daoud deserves to be honored at the end of her work at the Egyptian network, not arrested, as she left her job at BBC to report for an Egyptian one."

Her account on Twitter was also suspended...