A very rare and super exciting event is about to take place Sunday. On Sep. 27, the Moon will turn red.

The Moon will be at its closest point to earth. This occurrence, which is called the perigee, happens about once a month. However, it is not always visible to the naked eye.

But, citizens of the world, you are in luck! This time, you will get to stand witness and see the Super Moon! It will appear 14 percent larger than usual. Hence, the name.

That's not all, our planet is also expecting a lunar eclipse at the same time. When both events happen simultaneously, the occasion is referred to as the Super Blood Moon. A rare occurrence that happens once every few decades, the Blood Moon was last seen in 1982 and will not happen again til 2033.

Exciting, no? Here's a set of videos created by NASA to show you the magic that happens in space!