Dutch YouTube channel Dit is Normaal (This is Normal) has exposed how much of people's views on Islam are based on prejudice in its latest episode, "The Holy Quran Experiment."

Dit is Normaal travels to random Dutch cities to ask people on the street "challenging, interesting and strange questions," to generally comedic effect.

For this episode, they disguised a Bible as the Quran, and read select passages to people on the street, asking them for their thoughts on the Quran, Islam and the differences between it and Christianity.

After hearing passages about violence, the submission of women and homosexuality, the people quickly criticize Islam and Muslims in general.


When asked to compare the "Quran" passages with the Bible, they dig themselves in even deeper.


When the prank is exposed, the reactions are a nearly universal WTF and then sheepish embarrassment at having taken the bait.

But this guy hits the nail on the head: