dubai sexual assault

A Dubai court charged a construction worker with sexually assaulting a drunk man, Khaleej Times reported

The charges in the case weren't limited to the abuser but also to his victim who was referred to the Misdemeanors Court and charged with consuming alcohol without a license.

In the details of the incident, which dates back to November 2017, a 29-year-old Pakistani man took advantage of an Indian man who was under the influence of alcohol, taking him to his accommodation and sexually assaulting him.

The victim told prosecutors that no one came to his rescue

During investigations into the shocking assault, the complainant shared details of the incident. 

He explained that on the night he was attacked, he was walking back to his labor accommodation which is located in the industrial area of Jebel Ali. 

"I was drunk and was walking when the accused stopped me and suggested to walk me to my accommodation. I agreed but then he took me to a labor accommodation that I did not know. There he forced me inside a room and sexually assaulted me after closing the door," he said

The victim also told prosecutors that he screamed for help hoping that workers who live in the same building would come to his rescue, but no one did. 

He explained that he managed to escape the room where he was assaulted after asking the man to let him use the toilet. The victim then immediately informed his supervisor of the incident and went on to report it to authorities who took action. 

Given that he has been referred to court over his alcohol consumption charge, the victim is now also set to face legal consequences. 

Under current UAE laws, possessing or drinking alcohol without a license could land people in jail for up to six months