Yes, the rents are high, and yes, the supermarket shopping bill is always a blow to the wallet, but how does Dubai compare to the cost of living in the Saudi city of Jeddah?

Here are figures, according to the latest report from Numbeo - a crowd-sourced global database of reported consumer prices.

How do the prices at restaurants compare?

"Living in Saudi Arabia is way cheaper than living in the UAE. There is a huge contrast in the cost of living. End-consumer prices, rents, transport, and groceries are on average 33% lower than in Dubai," Dana Al Jawini, a Saudi journalist who was previously based in Dubai, told StepFeed.

Local bread in Dubai is nearly double the cost

"Prices are generally lower here. It's easier to save money in Saudi Arabia. And the majority of households have their own drivers, so there isn't a cost associated with transport," Al Jawani explained.

The taxi fares though!

Are you moving to Jeddah yet?

Massive difference in average income

Another Saudi resident, Omar Al Madani, a Product Manager who lives and works between Jeddah and Dubai, told StepFeed: 

"The salaries are higher in Dubai. But the cost of living is also extremely high. When I lived in Dubai, I wasn't able to save any of my income. Now, living in Jeddah, I can save at least 20-30% of my salary."