Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid just emphasized the importance of change, development and remembering Islam's powerful contributions to civilization.

Speaking at the 2017 World Government Summit in Dubai, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE said he told Arab leaders 12 years ago: "you must change, or you will be changed," according to Arab News.

The Emirati leader was answering questions during a Q&A event at the summit. 

Here are some of the highlights.

On Arab and Muslim civilization

"As we talk about resuming civilization, we need hope. I am optimistic because it is the man who makes civilization, economy and prosperity. If the Arab and Muslim man succeeded in building a civilization in the past, they are capable of resuming it."

On Islam

"Today, there are people with half or no knowledge at all, who blow themselves up in Europe and America in the name of faith. Their interpretation of Islam is completely wrong. It is a tolerant faith that calls for peace for all people of the world, not only Muslims. They just want to kill men, enslave women and refer that to religion. They simply know nothing.”

On the Emirati people

"The UAE has many achievements that my brother Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, my other brothers, and I, are very proud of. I believe the biggest achievement is the building of the UAE citizens, the citizens who are capable of everything, including running the economy."

On the youth

"The next Emirati goal is to reach Mars. The driving force behind the Mars program are young Emiratis in their 20s and we are proud of them."

"Shamma Al Mazrui [22] today leads the biggest ministry in the UAE, in which thousands of Emirati youth work ... She not only held sit-downs for Emirati youth across the country but also reached out to those who are abroad."

On growth and development

"The world’s problems are open-ended and we have to grow for the interest of our people and our country. If we said 40 years ago let us stop until it is safe, we wouldn't achieve anything. We have people who carry out their duty of keeping us secure, while we are engaged in developing our country."

On achieving success

"We do not boast perfection. We still learn every day and we waste no time because for us, time is like a running river. The experiment of the UAE speaks for itself for whoever wants to emulate it."