Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is known for leading the emirate into an era of unsurpassed advancement and excellence. Based on that, it shouldn't come as a surprise that he doesn't tolerate anything less than perfect ... especially when it comes to public services. 

In a post shared on his official social media pages over the weekend, the royal uploaded an image capturing a long queue at an Emirates Post branch and criticized the company's services.

Captioning his post in Arabic, Sheikh Mohammed revealed he had sent a mystery shopper to the local post office after receiving a negative report regarding their services.

"A picture I received through a mystery shopper for the level of services at Emirates Post ... This is not our level. Nor our services. They will not be part of my team if they continue to provide this level of service," he wrote.

In another tweet  posted shortly after, Dubai's ruler went on to explain he'd previously sent a team of experts to rate the level of services at the public postal service and was dismayed by the results. He actually shared a copy of the report with the public, warning members of Dubai's government that no mismanagement will go unnoticed. 

"We sent a team to verify the level of Emirates Post services in one of their centers. The team returned with this report. I put it in front of everyone with transparency. I say to everyone in the government - nothing will pass without follow-up in a transparent manner," he warned.

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