Dubai's police force never lets us down with its impressive fleet of supercars ... but this time it's taken it up a notch. 

Dubai Police has added an electric car to its fleet - the BMW i3 - whose power-train is fully electric. 

With a top speed of 150 kilometers/hour, the car is both steady and environmentally friendly. Win-win. 

The car was put on display during an event in the city's financial district where the country's Energy Minister emphasized the government's plans with regards to sustainability. 

Suhail Al-Mazrouei said the UAE aims to have electric cars make up 10 percent of all government vehicles. This is no doubt part of the country's plan to reduce total carbon emissions by 15 percent by 2021, according to Bloomberg.

Earlier this year, Tesla announced its plans to open its first Middle Eastern showroom in Dubai this summer, with charging stations already installed across different parts of the UAE. 

In February, the founder of the electric car-maker Elon Musk signed a deal with Dubai's transport authority, which would provide 200 cars from Tesla to be used by state-run taxis in the city. 

The UAE is all about sustainability

In 2015, the UAE was said to have the worst air in the world, according to a report released by the World Bank. But, the country has been taking major steps to change that. 

In fact, Dubai aims to become one of the top 10 sustainable cities in the world by 2020. 

In January, the country announced that it may exceed its conservative target of producing 24 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2021.

Additionally, the oil-rich nation is on the fast track to becoming the Arab world’s first nuclear power producing country. 

It's investing $163bn in clean energy projects to ensure that half of the country’s power needs are generated from renewable sources by 2050.