Remember that kind of bizarre sounding English-language TV series set in Dubai? The one about expat ladies dating in the city?

Well, the teaser promo for DCity is out!

And it still kind of reminds us of one of our favorite American TV series. . .


Although we assume there will be less of the sex and more of the city. It is filmed in Dubai after all.

Focusing on three women played by Laura Quirke, Mylène Gomera, and Dalia Sharawi, the new series is the brainchild of Jordanian Naim Zaboura, a graduate of the New York Film Academy in Abu Dhabi.

Unfortunately even though we're practically falling off our chairs with excitement about this upcoming series, we have to wait until next Ramadan to see it.


In the meantime, we're just keeping the 30-second promo on replay.