Dubai's Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed never fails to show us his love for animals ... and this time his attempt went a step further. 

On Saturday, the crown prince asked his 5 million Instagram followers to suggest a name for a newborn male giraffe. 

"The circle of life. Newborn male giraffe, help me with a name," the Instagram caption reads

In the video, the newborn giraffe can be seen roaming around freely in the desert ... when he suddenly looks straight into the camera, in the most adorable way possible.

The video has garnered nearly half a million views since it was first posted. 

Soon the suggestions poured in ... and they're not what you'd expect.


Some were feeling patriotic ...

Others were more in the cartoon spirit

Like really in the cartoon spirit

Many were getting deep with their suggestions

But, it looks like the name "Zaffran" was favored most

This is definitely not a first for Fazza ...

Last year, Sheikh Hamdan posted an adorable video to Instagram of a baby giraffe roaming the sand in Dubai. 

The video starts off with the calf nursing from its mother. The baby then goes on to socialize with the other giraffes in the desert.