While most of us commoners are afraid of spiders and would jump off a building at the sight of a cockroach ... people with braver hearts play and pet lions like it's nothing. 

A great example of such people with steel hearts would be Dubai's Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan. He's well-known for his love of adventure and wildlife, especially  when it comes to being affectionate with animals and posing for selfies with them. 

On Wednesday, he treated his 7.5 million Instagram followers to a photo of himself with a little pony. 

Don't they look adorable? This little pony just met a royal without even realizing it!

But this wouldn't be the first time Sheikh Hamdan successfully melts hearts with the cuteness of a pony.

Just last year, he uploaded a video of himself with a "joyful" pony, even asking his online followers to help him name it. The final decision? He named it "Joy." 

Sheikh Hamdan has collected quite the experience with all sorts of animals, proving his endless love to these creatures. 

He's an animal lover at heart

He hangs out with lions like it's no biggie

And casually plays with them, too

He surely loves his horses

And often poses for pictures with camels

Proving he's a wildlife pro

Giraffes? He's been there

Elephants? Done that, too

Falcons are his friends


Even tiny squirrels befriend him