Once again, Dubai's airport and flagship airline have drawn major international accolades.

In July, Travel and Leisure released its annual rankings of the best of the best when it comes to travel, listing Dubai International Airport as the No. 2 airport in the world and Emirates as the No. 2 international airline.

Source: WikiMedia
Source: WikiMedia

Within the Arab world, Dubai's airport was the only airport to make the top 10. However, unsurprisingly when it comes to airlines, just behind Emirates, Qatar Airways ranked No. 3 and Etihad Airways ranked No. 4. Globally, Emirates was only beaten out by Singapore Airlines and the best airport in the world was Singapore Changi Airport.

In addition to airlines and airports, Travel and Leisure ranks cities, hotels, cruise ships and numerous other travel related services from around the world. Although none of the Gulf's cities were ranked among the world's best cities, Lebanon's vibrant capital Beirut came in at No. 12.

Source: Flickr/Ahmad Moussaoui
Downtown Beirut at night Source: Flickr/Ahmad Moussaoui