Image supplied Source: Dubai Police

An Asian gang - led by a Gulf national - which reportedly stole 7 million ($1.9 million) in an armed robbery related to a Bitcoin scam has been arrested by Dubai Police, according to Gulf News. 

On April 25, the perpetrators assaulted and robbed two Asian brothers at gunpoint after luring them into a trading office, which they had seized from the owner, with the aim of selling them Bitcoin for an agreed amount.

UAE authorities said they had identified the Gulf national who led the operation within four hours after the incident first occurred, which ultimately resulted in the arrest of 9 additional members of the gang within 48 hours, despite the fact that the robbers had left no evidence behind.

The money has since been returned to the original owners.

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In order to avoid being targeted by gangs, the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, Abdullah Al Marri, urged traders to follow the right legal procedures when trading.

In addition, Major General Khalil Al Mansouri praised the force's fast response time and thanked Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman Police for their cooperation in solving the case.

"Using AI helped Dubai Police to arrest a Gulf National, who is the head of the gang, and other Asian suspects. The information from the data analysis center helped the officers to arrest all gang members," Major General Al Mansouri said.

He added that "artificial intelligence integrated into Dubai Police's most recent security systems helped solve the case", Gulf News reported.

Image supplied Source: Dubai Police

Lieutenant Colonel Adel Al Joker, the Director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Dubai Police, said their command and control room was first alerted about an armed robbery in the Al Muraqabbat area on Wednesday, April 25.

"The brothers searched randomly in the market to buy Bitcoin. The gang lured them claiming they can sell them Bitcoin," Lt. Col. Al Joker said.

Meanwhile, the GCC national who headed the gang deceived a commercial shop owner who was looking to sell his office and trade license.

"He told him that he wants to buy his office and the license, and managed to get the key to check the office after 8 pm. The gang used the office to lure the two brothers to come to the office to sell them the Bitcoin. The owner of the office was a victim in their criminal plan," he added.

Six members of the criminal gang were waiting for the two brothers inside the office while the other three were guarding the office form the outside.

"Before they escaped with the money, they assaulted the two brothers and threatened them before tying their hands and locking them inside the office," Lt. Col. Al Joker said.

All suspects have been referred to the public prosecution for further investigation.