Dubai is hands-down the most cosmopolitan city in the world with 83 percent of its population foreign born, according to a report from the International Organization for Migration .

Brussels is Dubai's closer competitor with a foreign-born population at 62 percent. Coming in the third, Toronto lags much further behind at just 46 percent. After that, no other city in the world reaches even half of Dubai's whopping 83 percent.

"In many of these cities such as Sydney, London and New York, migrants represent over a third of the population and, in some cities such as Brussels and Dubai, migrants account for more than half of the population," the report's overview says [PDF] .

Umm… yes, more than 80 percent is definitely – emphasis definitely – more than half. Great math.

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"We live in an era of unprecedented human mobility that has been markedly urban, as migrants, both internal and international, move to cities and urban areas, bring diversity and connect communities within and across borders to create new linkages among localities," the report says.

As increasing numbers of expats move to Dubai, seeing it as key global city of opportunity, the number of foreign born inhabitants is only set to grow.

The majority of migrants in Dubai hail from Asian countries, with the largest demographics coming from India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. However, large numbers of Europeans and individuals from South and North America also call the city home.