Dubai is no stranger to breaking world records time and again. This time, the record is not the biggest or the tallest... it's the longest.

Huddle Sports Bar & Grill in Dubai has broken the world record for the "longest domino drop shot" with 4,578 glasses of Camros whiskey successfully pouring their contents into the next glass.

The domino-effect lasted for 55 seconds.


The preparation of the whole thing took about five months and involved 160 employees.

Originally, 6,328 glasses were ready for the record-breaking domino chain, however the official adjunctor for Guinness World Records rejected more than 1,500 of them for not meeting the Guinness standards.

In 2013, the Bahama based franchise of the chain Señor Frog previously broke the record, with 4,107 of its 4,109 shot glasses dropping successfully.

This is also not the first time Dubai breaks a record for having the "longest" of something.

In 2015, Tayer Group alongside NGO Dubai Austism Center organized a record-breaking painting on the streets of Dubai, measuring 10,850 meters, to raise awareness about autism.

In 2015, Dubai also broke the record for world's longest handmade gold chain, measuring 5 kilometers long.