Dubai rarely fails to impress us with world records. From being home to the world's largest gathering of people dressed as nurses to the world's largest graffiti scroll and much more, it is now back with a new record.

During Ramadan, we saw the community in Dubai come together to raise food, clothes, and other forms of aid for millions of under-privileged people.

The result? They broke the world record for the "largest collection of clothes for donation."

OMO Arabia and Comfort's Share a Touch of Love were the organizers of the clothing drive.

India previously held the record, with 193,623 clothing items. The Dubai-based initiative had a combined collection of 295,122 items from across the UAE and Qatar.

“This is the seventh year we have run the campaign in the UAE and every year we witness a remarkable increase in the number of people giving back," said Ageel Angawi, Homecare vice-president for Unilever North Africa and Middle East, according to Gulf News .

Working in collaboration with Emirates Red Crescent, the donations made this year will be going to five refugee camps in Iraq and two camps in Jordan.

The initiative, launched during Ramadan, combined humanitarian work with technology to facilitate the donation process. OMO Arabia partnered with regional ride-sharing app, Careem . All one had to do was prepare a bag of clothes, and request a Careem pick-up.

Donations were also made at 63 locations across the UAE. There were collection points in Qatar, too.

This wouldn't be the first time Dubai has broken a clothing drive record.

In 2014, the campaign set a Guinness World Record for the largest clothing collection, and broke its own record in 2015.