With more than 70 percent of its goal reached and two weeks left in the crowdfunding campaign, Jay Wud looks poised to record in Los Angeles with Grammy-nominated producer Howard Benson .

The Dubai-based band, named after its Lebanese frontman, turned to crowdfunding after its producer urged the band to finish recording its album in Los Angeles.

"The kind of artists I like to work with are actually the kind of artists I haven't worked with for awhile and that's kind of why I liked working with Jay. He's really talented, great guitar player, songs are strong and I see a really good lane for him. So I thought it was good for us to work with him as well," Benson said in the band's crowdfunding video .

Having already recorded four tracks from the forthcoming album, the band has seen its song "Low" shoot to No. 1 on the UAE's hot international songs chart.  As "Low" and the other three songs were recorded with Benson, the group hopes to maintain the same high quality with the rest of the album. Benson previously has recorded with bands such as Motorhead, My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach and P.O.D.

"We want the rest of our album to have the same edge, massive sound and production value as “Low”, and we need your help to raise US$30,000 to make that happen," the crowdfunding page says .

So far, the group has raised more than $20,000 of the funds needed through Indiegogo. All funds will go toward "paying for studio, recording expenses, and marketing as well as an early 2016 release, and any additional funds raised will be allocated to a tour."

Of course, they aren't asking for supporters to give and get nothing in return. A range of rewards will be offered to funders (such as their name printed on the album, autographed CDs, t-shirts and vinyl copies of the completed album) based on the amount contributed. Anyone willing to contribute $5,000 will even be offered a three day hang-out session with the band as they record in Benson's Los Angeles studio.


If you would like to contribute to the campaign, visit Jay Wud's crowdfunding page on Indiegogo .