Aubrey Drake Graham, AKA Drake, has pissed off his pro-Palestine fans with a pun he recently shared on social media. 

Late last week, the Canadian rapper and songwriter, who was born to a Jewish mother and attended a Jewish day school, shared a photo of himself on Instagram along with a caption about his Jewish heritage. 

"Hey what's it like being a Jewish rapper from Canada... I told her the struggle Israel," the caption reads. 

The pun did not go down well with many of Drake's fans, particularly Arabs and supporters of the Palestinian cause, who were quick to criticize the rapper for recognizing Israel. 

While it remains unclear whether the rapper meant to voice support for Israel, his post came during a critical period that saw Israel's military forces crack down on Palestinian protesters along the Gaza Strip border.

Israeli soldiers have killed at least 26 Palestinians and wounded hundreds of others in the demonstrations during the past two weeks.

In light of Israel's on-going crimes against the Palestinians, a number of Drake's fans took issue with his recent post and deemed it as an acknowledgement of the occupying state. However, others thought of the caption as a mere joke with no serious depth to it.  

Here's what people had to say:

"Drake is cancelled"

Critics insist Drake's religion is not the topic of debate

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The timing couldn't be any worse

The disappointment is real

What struggle?

DJ Khaled memes were in order

"You misspelled Palestine"

"He is never allowed to say habibi ever again"

His fans want answers

Others played it smart

Meanwhile, some think the caption was blown out of proportion

"That doesn't make him a Zionist"