The fifth-generation wireless network technology, otherwise known as 5G, is set to revolutionize life as we know it. 

Much of the focus usually goes towards the unprecedented leaps in internet speed as 5G makes its way into the mainstream world. But, many miss out on the plethora of features the network actually provides. Maybe it's because these features are unimaginable with our current 4G networks.

Thanks to the UAE's telecom giant du, switching to 5G is now a reality. Why should you do it? Well, here's what 5G can do that 4G was never able to:

1. Access expansive storage capacity

4G capable devices may have large storage capacities but they don't match with that of a 5G network.


Simply because "the more sophisticated nature of the services being delivered via the network will combine to actually increase the data storage demands of 5G-capable devices."

2. Climb to internet access speeds of up to 10 Gbps

Now while no exact speed estimate has been announced for the technology, 5G is expected to be at least 20 times faster than 4G when it comes to accessing the internet.  

3. Download a movie in mere seconds

Some estimates even predict download speeds to be 1,000 times faster than 4G - potentially exceeding speeds of 10 Gbps. This means individuals could download an entire HD film in less than a second. Imagine that. 

4. Seamless video calls to the rescue

Unmatched 5G speeds translate into video calls that run smoothly. Say goodbye to disconnecting calls and lagging conversations. 

5. Connect all your devices with no effect on speed

4G networks get strained when multiple devices are hooked to them but that's not the case with 5G. 

The fifth-generation network enables you to connect more of your devices to the internet at the same time without bandwidth issues.

6. Improvement in quality of life

Speaking to CNN, Laila Worrell, CEO of the high-tech engineering company Altran North America, said

"5G is going to have a massive impact on people lives. We are going to see a big advance in quality of life that 5G can deliver for individuals."

This is due to the fact that advanced technology will help improve numerous industries including medicine and transport. 

7. Power self-driving cars

Though 5G coverage could take years to become widespread enough to support self-driving cars, it may make it a reality. This is something that was never even fathomable with 4G networks. 

According to CNN, the unprecedented speed of a 5G network "will enable vehicles to talk to each other in real-time: they'll know when another car is changing lanes or braking and can adjust to manage traffic accordingly."

With du, carry over your unused data

In collaboration with Huawei, du is giving customers the best of both worlds. You may purchase the Huawei device from any of du's 5G locations. The best part is, du is giving postpaid customers the chance to carry over their unused data to the next month. 

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