Are you a Khaleeji?

The "starter pack" meme gives a simple, yet hilarious, breakdown of what being a Khaleej really entails ... and what essentials are needed if you're living in the Gulf. Ready?

1. On surviving the summer season

This is the only way you'll survive the scorching heat.

2. On studying abroad as a Khaleeji

The ultimate starter pack? 

3. On the only library snacks you really need

Because date maamoul and Arabic coffee are too good.

4. On Khaleeji bloggers

The truth hurts.

5. On Khaleeji male Snapchatters

We're not laughing, you are. 

6. On Khaleeji childhood snacks

The icons of every baqala.

7. On sugar comas, Khaleeji style

8. On hipsters ... in Dubai

Avocados, check. Toast, check. Need we say more? 

9. On Saudi high school students

Bizir, bizir, and more bizir. 

10. On Khaleeji text books

You've never been a student in the Gulf if you didn't have one of these.

11. On being a "guy" in Kuwait

Right on point.

12. On growing up in Kuwait

Failaka ice cream is life.