Hollywood films have long been accused of constantly portraying Middle Easterners as terrorists in films. Disney has been taking note, and will be changing that soon. 

The entertainment conglomerate has announced that Aladdin, a Middle Eastern folk tale Disney film, will be turned into a live-action feature film ... with a full Middle Eastern cast. 

There are a number of actors and actresses that would take on the role quite well, not just because of their talent, but because of the uncanny resemblance to the Aladdin cartoon characters. 

Just imagine Disney casts these 6 stars in the upcoming Disney live-action film. 

1. Egyptian Yasmine Sabry as Princess Jasmine

2. Saudi Badr al-Zaidan as Aladdin

3. Iraqi Amrou al Kadhi as Genie

4. Egyptian Amr Waked as Jafar

5. Lebanese Rafik Ali Ahmad as The Sultan

6. Moroccan Michel Qissi as Razoul

Where would the film be shot?

Hollywood film directors often times choose Morocco's deserts when portraying the Middle East as one big desert. 

Directors looking for a more historical context choose Egypt. Dubai has been a favorite for sci-fi films and Jordan the place for films set in an alien planet. 

Considering Aladdin takes place in the fictional city of "Aghrabah" ... the directors have a bunch of different location options they could choose from to depict the film's setting quite genuinely. 

The fictional city of "Aghrabah" would actually be set in Morocco's Marrakech

Cairo's Citadel would be the palace ...

And Oman's Majlis al Jinn Cave would become the "Cave of Wonders"