Disney announced the lead roles for its live-action adaption of Aladdin on Saturday ... and a lot of people have taken issue with the choice of actress set to play Princess Jasmine.

While Director Guy Ritchie's film will feature Egyptian-Canadian actor Mena Massoud as the title character Aladdin, Princess Jasmine will be played by British-Indian actress Naomi Scott. 

Scott's mother is of Indian descent and from Uganda, her father is white and British. So why exactly does this bother people?

Well, because Aladdin is a Middle Eastern story. Disney also sent casting calls throughout the Arab world, seeking young actors and actresses to play the title role. 

Considering there are literally thousands of incredibly talented young Arab actresses out there, a lot of people are confused and a bit upset that Disney chose a non-Arab to play the beloved Middle Eastern princess.

A straightfoward explainer

Disney doesn't really seem to know the difference between India and the Arab world

Orientalism much? 

They couldn't find an Arab to play Jasmine ... but there are plenty of Arabs to play terrorists

Hollywood suddenly couldn't find any Middle Eastern women?

People think this says a lot about Disney

The title song does say "Arabian Nights" ... but whatever

And the memes ...

Nope, Jasmine won't be an Arab


"Brown people aren't interchangeable"

But some took their anger too far ...

And some are trying to look at the decision positively

The last word ...