Finally, after months of hype – and rumors that Disney was struggling to find the right actors to play in its live-action Aladdin film – the cast has been revealed.

Egyptian-Canadian actor Mena Massoud has snagged the lead role in the film, Disney announced at the D23 Expo on Saturday. Massoud has previously starred in Jack Ryan (2017), Open Heart (2015) and Saving Hope (2012).

Joining Massoud, British-Indian actress Naomi Scott will play the role of Princess Jasmine and Will Smith – as was previously rumored – will play the Genie.

On Twitter, Massoud said he feels "so honored and grateful for the opportunity."

Massoud was born in Egypt to Coptics parents, but was raised in Canada. He currently spends his time between Toronto and Los Angeles, according to his Instagram.

Many had been worried that Disney would whitewash the live-action film as per usual. After recent rumors that Director Guy Ricthie was having trouble finding actors for the film, Arab fans began sharing their suggestions online.

With Massoud now announced to play the title role, many Arab fans – especially in Egypt – are beyond excited for the film.

There's a lot of rejoicing on Twitter

He's "cute as hell"

For some, it's truly a small world after all

People are really glad Disney picked a Middle Eastern lead

But of course, some are upset that Jasmine won't be played by an Arab