Is it a plane? Is it a bird? Is it a UFO? Did Thor throw his hammer so hard he punched a hole through UAE skies? 

Neither of the above, because if you haven't heard, science is always there to debunk your mystery sightings and theories about the supernatural taking over. 

A bizarre "hole in the sky" left residents of Al Ain baffled, looking for answers. A few actually got pretty scared of the sight and thought it was some kind of alien invasion. 

But fear not, UAE people, you are in safe hands ... as long as science is here. 

Sharjah-based astronomer and meteorologist Ebrahim Al Jarwan took to Twitter to explain what that weird looking phenomenon was. It's called fallstreak hole or hole punch cloud

According to the U.S. National Weather Service, a fallstreak hole "is a large circular or elliptical gap that can appear in cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds."

Some scientists believe the holes are formed due to "super cold water and ice," while other theories state the "natural electromagnetic forces" play a role in their formation. Fallstreaks can also be formed by planes "passing through clouds in the upper atmosphere, which is at temperatures below freezing, but the water has not frozen."

Though the phenomenon is considered rare, it has been spotted in countries around the world including the U.S. and Australia

People were perplexed ????

"What does this mean?"

They're coming for you ????

Some funny guesses were thrown out there

Source: Twitter/uhkp


Residents of the UAE don't mind themselves a few UFO stories every now and then

Image Credit: Prithy Rijesh Source: Gulf News

Last November, UAE resident Prithy Dhakan Rijesh spotted an alien shape in the sky while on a trip to Global Village. She took her phone out to capture the odd sighting and prove it was not the moon she saw so strangely positioned up there. 

According to Gulf News - the news outlet Rijesh swiftly sent the footage to - the video "clearly showed a source of light shifting across the sky, with the moon in the background."

According to Hasan Ahmad Al Hariri, CEO of the Dubai Astronomy Group, what the resident witnessed was a mere trick of light called "the 22 degree halo."

"There are ice crystals in the cloud, which bend the light coming from the moon in a special way, creating a halo image," Al Hariri told the English-language newspaper. 

"If this halo was totally away from the moon, I would have definitely said that it might be something else. But because you can see the light from the moon near it, it is the moonlight that is creating the halo effect," he added.

Not the first "UFO sighting" in the UAE

Many people have claimed to have seen unidentified flying objects in the UAE's sky. 

In 2017, beams of light flying rapidly through the skies of Abu Dhabi had people perplexed and looking for answers.

What appeared to be blazing meteorites in many social media users' videos, turned out to be some "debris of the Progress space module, also known as the SL-4 R/B (42972U), a Russian cargo spacecraft (that was unmanned),"  as explained by the Dubai Astronomy Group, according to What's On. 

In 2016, Dulanka Bandara, a 34-year-old Sri Lankan UAE resident, claimed to have spotted a UFO while driving along Al Khail Road towards Burj Khalifa, TimeOut Dubai reported at the time.

According to Al Hariri, it was another trick of light that made a lamppost take a slightly different shape ... as the resident took the photo while driving her car.