The U.S. Department of Defense just tweeted the story of an Iraqi refugee who became a Marine, just hours before President Donald Trump is expected to announce a ban on refugees.

Many on social media see the tweet as a passive aggressive jab at Trump's planned ban on refugees and immigrants from several predominantly Muslim countries, including Iraq.

The story, which was originally published earlier this week on the official U.S. Marines' website, highlights the journey of Cpl. Ali J. Mohammed.

Mohammed was born and raised in Baghdad until the age of 16. His family received numerous threats from extremists groups, forcing them to flee their home and resettle in the U.S.

“I had to face a lot of challenges coming to America,” Mohammed said. “Trying to learn English and working to help support my family while going to high school was difficult.”

In 2014, Mohammed joined the Marines. His skills in Arabic and his background have helped in his work with the military.

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